Most clients use key events like office moves to upgrade all aspects of the workplace. The first stage of any office move, is to work with the client to define their vision of their future workplace. In today's environment, almost all companies want to give their employees more flexibility, to work when and wherever they like, but also to make the office a dynamic and engaging environment where people will actually choose to come to work,  when they can. Clearly this is having significant impacts on the way workplaces are designed, both from a functional and aesthetic perspective. But what is often overlooked, is the technology that is required to enable a truly flexible workforce and workplace - so few consider it early enough in process to reap the full benefits.

Technology must be an integral part of the process from the outset, not an afterthought. We make a point of introducing our clients to great technology consultants as part of our initial process of defining client requirements - this way we define real estate requirements right alongside technology and office design requirements, to get a fully rounded vision of the client brief, which ultimately leads to better results for our clients.