This is not an isolated case of a business suffering disruption, whilst struggling with getting connected in order to carry out their day to day business.  

Technology and better communication tools are enabling businesses to be more footloose when they lay down roots for their new offices.  But it also raises the critical importance of businesses being connected the day they move in, and then, once connected the quality and resilience of those data connections.

WiredScore, have expanded their ratings system in the UK following their initial success in New York.  They are collecting information about the internet connectivity and infrastructure of commercial buildings on the premise that they believe that it will be pretty tough to sell a building without their seal of approval; because buyers – both domestic and overseas – know that a connected building is fast becoming essential for attracting occupiers.

This won't be the last occasion a business is left without a crucial connection for their data and telephones, but at least when businesses are considering a relocation, the buildings that are marketed with good WiredScores should stand a far better chance of not suffering from such painful disruption.

More and more businesses are engaging with technology consultants like Viastak earlier in their business moves.  These consultants work alongside property agents, surveyors and fit-out contractors to ensure that the connections are in place when staff move in, and to provide cloud services that mean that in the event of an issue outside of control, such as a telephone fibre running into a building being cut, operations can continue and staff can even work from home.