Personally, I have never had any difficulties with my Nest Thermostat.  The plumber installed it in about 30 minutes flat and it has been a joy to use.  I don't just like it because I can turn up the temperature on a cold Sunday morning without leaving the comfort of my bed, but it is great to use remotely on the way back from a weekend away to ensure our home is nice an toasty when we arrive.  I didn't realise home automation tech would be such a conversation piece, but friends have been intrigued by our home gadget!

I understand that early adopters will always have to suffer the odd glitch, but the fact these technologies go down when the WiFi goes down, highlights how the UK's internet connectivity is below the standard it should be in this day and age.  

When I lived in Paris a few years ago we never suffered from needing to 'restart the router' and enjoyed continuous fast WiFi.  Let's hope we get to that stage soon in the UK, because if and when we do, more people will be encouraged to adopt further IoT devices.  The value of IoT relies on lots and lots devices being linked, so the sooner more people become adopters the sooner we will see the value of these inter-connected networks of devices.